Property & Casualty Sales Agent Careers

Eric Mikkelsen


I began my career with MetLife Auto & Home as a Property and Casualty (PCS) sales agent. Today, my passion for the work we do is as strong as the day I started! I truly enjoy working with agents to build successful careers for themselves- but not by themselves. The MetLife Auto & Home team provides strong support to new and tenured agents!

Ed Stansel

Mississippi, Texas

Joining a team of people that truly work together for the betterment of every person on the team is special. At MetLife Auto & Home, I am proud to be part of such a group. You may have heard that a company is only as good as its people. I truly believe that, and will tell anyone that the people I work with day in and day out are the best in the industry, or any industry! I joined MetLife Auto & Home because I saw an opportunity with the Property and Casualty (PCS) sales agent channel that was truly different from what was available in the industry.

Barb Torrence

Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio

I joined MetLife Auto & Home over 20 years ago as a Property & Casualty Specialist sales agent; a role I served in for 7 years. Joining this company has been the best professional decision I’ve ever made! Our Property & Casualty Specialist program is a fantastic way for agents to run an office for themselves but not by themselves! MetLife Auto & Home allows you to access multiple carriers for personal lines, commercial lines and life insurance to diversify your offerings and help more customers.

John Maines

New York

I joined MetLife Auto & Home because of the culture and the growth projected for the company. The products we have truly help to protect people’s lives. With almost two decades of experience in insurance sales, training and management, across P & C, life, and health, I look forward to mentoring and training new agents on my team in New York.

Tina Yetto

New York

I chose a career in insurance because I like working with people. As a sales manager, I get to do that every day by coaching, mentoring and helping my agents achieve new levels of success. At MetLife Auto & Home our products, reputation and brand set us apart, and this is why I love coming to work every day.

Sam Azzalina

North Carolina

I have been in the insurance industry for 25+ years, and managing, mentoring and coaching agents for 11. I joined MetLife Auto & Home because of the unique career agent model, and the ability to coach new agents as they join the organization. At MetLife we pride ourselves on providing the best protection, enhanced coverages and outstanding value to protect the lives of our clients and their families. MetLife continues to innovate and leverage the power of partnerships while

Dennis Cyga II

Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico

I have started two agencies during my career and understand the hard work that goes into it. As a Regional Sales Manager, I get to support agents in transition and share what I have learned along the way. During my tenure with MetLife Auto & Home, there have been many exciting changes and improvements. As an organization we constantly push ourselves to improve! It’s the opportunity to work with such a talented team of people dedicated to protecting families from loss, and helping insurance agents be successful, that keeps me motivated.

Nate Pearce

Alabama, Mississippi

As a MetLife Auto & Home Regional Sales Manager, I’m ready with guidance and resources that can help you grow. I provide personalized support for every career phase from business plan development to advanced level coaching. After 20 years of identifying and coaching successful agents, I get as excited today as I did when I watched my first candidate prosper and grow. Add to that the backing of a strong brand, and you’re ready to pursue unlimited professional success.

If you’re ready to learn more about the rewards of working as a MetLife Auto & Home, connect with me. Let’s discuss your experience, business goals and entrepreneurial options.

Jim Duex

Minnesota, Wisconsin

Years ago, I embarked on an insurance career as a local insurance agent with MetLife Auto & Home because of the potential for uncapped income. I came from a retail background which didn’t offer either, so I was very excited to become a PCS agent for MetLife. Today, I love working with new agents and helping them succeed by sharing the best practices and knowledge I’ve picked up along the way. I’m also very proud of our product line and am confident in the protection they offer our customers. I truly believe that we have the best program for agents in the industry!

Craig Conley

North Carolina

In 2012, I began my career with MetLife Auto & Home as a Property and Casualty (PCS) sales agent! I was attracted to the entrepreneurial nature of the PCS opportunity, as well as the diverse product portfolio. Having this agent experience has made me very familiar with what it takes to be successful. As a manager I draw on my experience as a sales agent as part of my leadership style.

Scott Pellman

New York

I joined MetLife Auto & Home after 20+ years in the insurance industry because my personal values aligned with the company’s values to: put customers first, be the best, make things easier and succeed together. Our portfolio of personal lines and commercial lines products are among the most comprehensive in the industry; which are highlighted by our GrandProtect® Policy. MetLife is a forward thinking company that is investing heavily on the latest technology and innovations. I look forward to sharing more of our story with you!

Leann Crawley

Georgia, Tennessee

I chose MetLife because of the many options and opportunities provided to our Property and Casualty (PCS) sales agents. I am a successful leader in my territory identifying, prescribing and implementing improved agency practices! These key drivers have increased sales and retention. I have enjoyed great success leading my team of agents as they grow their agency earning. Many of my agents have earned recognitions for sales accomplishments including an invitation to the prestigious Leaders Conference!

Brian Noble

Massachusetts, Vermont

I have been in the insurance industry for over 15 years working with many products, including: commercial, personal lines, group insurance, life and financial planning. I enjoy working with a diverse product offering. MetLife Auto & Home gave me the opportunity to positively impact a sales agent’s career by sharing this knowledge. As the Regional Sales Manager for Massachusetts and Vermont, I have had the privilege to help some of my agents create multi-million dollar agencies.

Bret Block

Oregon, Washington

I joined MetLife because of the company’s rich history, great products and the opportunity to make a difference in my community. As a regional sales manager with over fifteen years of experience in insurance I still get excited to coach and develop agents; guiding them in their career so they can help deliver the right products to customers that provide protection for the unexpected!

Steve Berwanger

Illinois, Iowa, Missouri

Prior to joining MetLife Auto & Home, I worked with two other major carriers. After comparing the value MetLife offers their customers, employees, and agents the decision to join this team was an easy one! I am passionate about the agent opportunity we have here, and enjoy working with one on one with my agents to help them maximize their results! Our products and claim service set us apart and I look forward to sharing our differentiators with you!

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