Property & Casualty Sales Agent Careers

John Seaborn

I was fortunate enough to earn a sales position in the insurance industry directly after attending college. After many successful years in the insurance sales industry, I took an opportunity in training and management for another insurance company. I quickly realized my true passion was helping and building sales associates. For just over 2 years, I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to join the MetLife team to do just that as an Agency Development Manager. One of my main areas of focus is coaching new agents, both new to insurance and those with a wealth of insurance knowledge, to help get them off to a fast start to create a profitable agency. I chose MetLife because of their commitment to their agents!

Rene Mazzone

I started my career in insurance with MetLife Auto & Home. Years later it continues to inspire and challenge me to help our agents establish profitable agencies. I have been part of the dynamic Agency Development Team for two years! It is in this current role of coaching, supporting and assisting in the new agent development journey that really excites me as we watch our new agents succeed and realize their personal and professional dreams.

Adam DeSimone

I joined MetLife Auto & Home with a diverse insurance background in both personal and commercial lines. I served as a mentor & coach for newly hired agents/producers and have a passion for sharing my knowledge in all aspects of the sales process, including sourcing, servicing & retaining valuable clients. I chose the insurance industry because it’s always changing which challenged me.

Kari Hoover

I know what it takes to start as a scratch agent and the hours it takes in those first years. I’ve taken that knowledge in sales and developed a team of agents as a Regional Sales Manager with MetLife. In 2016, MetLife developed a team of Agent Development Managers, I’ve been able to bring my expertise and field knowledge to help agents grow. I have a strong knowledge of value selling, developing relationships and utilizing the technology that is out there today to help grow a successful agency!

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