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We know that when your customers need their insurance and have claims, it’s never an easy time.

At MetLife Auto & Home, we offer programs to ease the process and do our best to minimize the downtime your customers will experience.

Our award-winning claim team is here to support you and your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We know a positive claim experience can help boost customer retention, increase referrals, and makes you stand out as a dependable, trustworthy agent.

Claims 2

Smart Total Loss Program

Our Smart Total Loss Program oftentimes allows the customer to settle a total loss without a physical inspection within a matter of hours. No need to tow the vehicle anywhere; no need to wait. Total loss payment is agreed upon, minus the deductible. This is a true value add for MetLife Auto & Home customers, as most insurance companies require the customer to bring the vehicle to a repair shop to conduct an in person investigation of the damages. We streamline the process by taking advantage of technology to expedite our claim evaluation process.

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Choice Express®

Using their smartphones, your customers upload to our app a few pictures of the damage, one of their VIN, and one of the mileage. We’ll write up an estimate in less than four hours and send it back to the customer.

Your customers can even use the app to email their estimates to their repair shops. Additionally, they can choose to have us electronically transfer the money to their bank accounts, or mail them checks.

Claims 4

Prepaid MasterCard

Customers can choose to receive all or part of their claim proceeds loaded onto a secure, easy-to-use card. No more ‘waiting for a check.’ Once the claim is ready for payment, the card is loaded and the funds are available for immediate use.

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